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Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Kuala Lumpur

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Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Clarke Quay

Home of Latin American Music since 2006
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Cuba Libre Café & Bar, Frasers Tower

Home of Contemporary Latin American Cuisine
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Cuba Libre Café & Bar started in 2006 as a pioneer concept bar in Singapore’s nightlife district, Clarke Quay. Adding fun vibes to Singapore’s bar scene over the past 10 years. The energetic restaurant and nightspot is well regarded within Singapore’s Latin American community as the happening place for Latino.

(SG Nightlife 2019 – Best Themed Bars)

A healthier Latin American contemporary menu designed with influences from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain. Serving one of Singapore’s best Mojito with over twenty types of flavours to choose from and wild variety of rum-based cocktails, tequilas and more!

Legend has it that the Cuba Libre, (rum and cola with a slice of optional lime), was first invented in the early 1900s in Havana, Cuba. It is said that it was drunk to toast Cuban freedom from Spanish occupation.

Chef Alex was born in Havana, Cuba, home of the Mojito. He began his career in one of the best schools for Latin American chefs, located in the heart of Cuba, famous for its food; where he learned about Cuban and European cuisine. He trained at the Cohiba Hotel and then acquired his skills in several restaurants in Havana and ended up working for the first Cuban restaurant in Vietnam. For the past three years, he has been executive chef for his own company where he created the menu for various restaurants in Vietnam where people can really experience and feel their love for food. Vietnam and Cuba have many similarities, such as love of seafood and pork, which are often served in different ways and styles in both countries.
Executive chef Alex has grown and flourished in the energized atmosphere of Vietnam to combine his classic European training skills and his Cuban culinary heritage with the abundance of Vietnamese products that bring a new dimension of cuisine to the city. The culinary vision of chef Alex Moreno goes beyond his brilliance and passion for his country of origin, which combines local flavours with his love for food from around the world. He has brought Vietnamese food to his heart and with a combination that creates an entirely new niche with dishes full of flavours and refined taste based on the abundant flora of exotic characters and variety of products that Vietnam has to offer.
This passion has guided him to continue on his way to other lands where he works on tapas creations with unique touches that he intends to express in his dishes

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