Capturing the essence of Latin America

Latin American culture is often regarded as the one that is filled with music, art and dance. It’s one of the cultures that are expressive in terms of joy, entertainment, and showcasing great vibes. It’s the culture that doesn’t feel shy in expressing how it feels and can set you in a great mood. The same reflects on the entire scenario on what Cuba libre is based upon.
Influential aspects of Cuba libre.
Cuba Libre is located at two places in Singapore. One is at Frasers Towers, and the other is at Clarke Quay. While both are quite different from each other, the core essence of vibrant Latin American culture remains.

Cuba Libre Café & Bar – Clarke Quay
Home of Latin American music, parties and grande mojitos since 2006.
Located in the party-centric region of Singapore, Cuba Libre is has grown into one of Singapore’s best-themed bar. Taking inspiration from the Latin American themed music which a mixture of salsa, bachata, reggaeton and contemporary dances and music, grooving to the beats of live bands and Latin American themed parties is a unique experience by itself.

Cuba Libre Café & Restaurant – Frasers Tower
Home of Latin American contemporary cuisine
Cuba Libre at Frasers Tower is a much subtle place where it’s a perfect place for office goers to have a peaceful place wot hand out with a rustic gastro look with Latin American themed music playing in the background.

Latin American Contemporary Cuisine
Coming to the food scenario, both the restaurants offer a unique twist to regular Latin American inspired food. Dishes such as salmon grills, mojito chicken, pulled chicken, ropa vieja are some of the dishes that are offered in the restaurants. Also, an assortment of drinks is bundled with the food to yield the taste of what Latin American cuisine has to offer.

The two places are quite different but similar to each other. With one being quite party-centric and another being a gastropub for the working millennials, it’s the fusion of a classic twist to an empathetic culture in a completely different city that makes it stand out from the rest.
Latin culture = Cuba Libre.

Both the locations of Cuba Libre perfectly encapsulate the very essence of Latin American culture and cuisine. It’s a place that is diversified with culture and heritage.

The Cuban culture is a variation of ethics that is perfectly blended to provide customers with the essence of multiple cultures but in a definite proportion in terms of cuisine, music, dance and much more. From the music which happens to be thumping and energic to the dance that can make you move immensely and right option the food and drinks (which is not to be missed), Cuba Libre is must-try places with Latin American themed restaurant/bar in Singapore that will undoubtedly give you the central American feeling.

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